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Telling your story now so you can re-live it together later on

Maternity and lifestyle newborn sessions often-times feels like some of my most meaningful work. I've been where you are. I know how the time can feel like it's creeping, but at the same time you blink and your pregnancy has flown by. I know how cloudy that newborn period is when you're foggy with pure bliss but also exhaustion.

If you value:

A relaxed, laid-back atmosphere
Candid imagery that focuses on connection
An experience where you don't feel rushed
Truthfully allowing your story to be told creatively

In 5, 10, even 20 years these days will just be distant memories. The newborn smell will fade and your body will eventually feel just like yours again - not a shared space anymore. These photos are meant to document the beautiful moments that, at times, can be difficult to soak in between the nighttime wakings, dirty diaper changes, and juggling all things feeding.

Not only are these images meant to serve as a reminder to you of the amazing journey you walked through to become a parent, but they will also serve as a window for your little ones to see what it was like for you, and for them, when they joined your family.

Motherhood sessions start at $550 with options to bundle

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