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Hi, I’m Kels!

Your Pensacola wedding photographer, aka wedding day bestie, devoted to freezing your candid moments in time


Like I said, we’re about connection over here, and I tend to overshare; So, if you want to know WHY serving you is so important to me and how I do it so well, keep on reading, friend!


I’m known for making my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera because I focus first on the connection; the connection between the two of you, and the way that I can best connect with you both as individuals and as a couple. The images that follow are the product of that connection, trust, and inspiration that I draw from your relationship, and that’s what makes them so extraordinary.


I’ve been photographing meaningful moments, professionally, for 5 years. But before that, I was the friend with a camera in my hand dating back to pre-social media days! This little business of mine was born from a deep desire to serve others well in the relaxed, comfortable experience that I provide. It’s also in the way that I consistently show up for my people that need me; whether you have timeline questions, need location or vendor suggestions, or just need someone to bend an understanding ear. And it’s in the way that I leave you with your most authentic memories documented in an aesthetic, cinematically beautiful way that you will want to look back on again and again. Not only that, but images that when you DO look back on them, they remind you of exactly how you felt in that moment.

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How It All Started...

See, I have a degree in Human Services from Mississippi State (hailstate!) and I chose to pursue this degree because I have a deep-rooted desire to serve people on a very personal, meaningful level. I always envisioned myself as a therapist, or counselor, or something on a social services level. but I’ve always felt this little nudge from God that my photography hobby was meant to be more. I never fully understood how I could use it to serve and help people in the way I’d always imagined myself helping others, but in time it all made sense.

Because the other part of my story is that I married my college sweetheart, my absolute best friend who also happened to join the Navy right after graduating, making us a military fam. Together we share two of the most precious, and just all-around coolest kiddos and two of the most rambunctious rescue pups.

Through every season we have endured together, from dating to now a family of 4 (6 with the fur family members), I have used my photography “hobby” to document our little moments that ended up meaning the absolute most to me.


But the moment that the switch flipped and I felt that nudge from God again came after the birth of our little girl. Our first baby. She came early. Much earlier than she needed to. I missed out on maternity pictures and thanks to NICU restrictions (and honestly: fear) we didn’t get to have any newborn photos of her either. And wow, that made my heart ache. And I felt this calling in that moment that I would serve others by doing everything that I could to make sure they had those beautiful, life-changing moments and seasons well-documented in the most authentic way to them.

So, I get it.

The way your grandmother looks at you in your wedding dress; how it feels when your partner reaches for you and pulls you closer; remembering what it feels like when your baby does a flip in your belly or the first time they smile at you outside of the womb; I get it. You want to soak in the moments as they happen and be able to look back at images that make you feel that feeling again and again. I get it because I’ve been there. And those moments and that approach is what inspires me to keep going and to pick up my camera again and again and document those moments for people like you who want those emotions frozen in time.

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