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We don't do stressful photoshoots or perfect poses over here

Your life with each other IS the experience. I am not here to create a fake reality and produce images that will have stressful feelings attached - I am here only to help you capture the love that you feel for your people day in and day out

If you value:

a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere

candid imagery that focuses on connection

an experience where you don't feel rushed

truthfully allowing your story to be told creatively


These are the photos that your little ones will look at 10, 20 years down the road. What do you want them to feel when they look through this window back at their childhood? How do you want to tell them this story?

Family sessions with me require vulnerability, openness, and trust. I know you want to hang photos of pretty poses and smiling faces - so we do include those, for sure. But the priority of my family sessions are to capture your interaction and connection with one another. My focus is on telling your story now- truthfully - so that they can re-live it later.

Family Sessions start at $500

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