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Pensacola Beach Couples Session - Maddie & Jeffrey

Jeffrey and Maddie's Pensacola Beach couple's session turned a casual walk on the beach date night into an out-of-the-box romantic evening of getting out of comfort zones, creating magical moments, and so. much. laughter.

When we decided on a beach photoshoot, Maddie initially said they weren't super into the beach, which is why they decided to do something different for their session.

The best way I can describe the love between these two from the very second they stepped out of their car is just "over the top in the BEST way!"

It's one of those relationships that you get around and you can tell that they are truly each other's best friend. From lifts, to jogging, to quiet moments, even to sitting in crashing waves and laying on soggy sand, these two were simply happy to be doing it together and it showed SO much in their images and the way they interacted during our entire time together.

At the end of the night when I was commending them both on their ability to so freely and happily go with the flow, Maddie mentioned that early on in our time together they started to feel reminiscent of their first dance at their wedding day, and so many other happy memories early in their marriage and they fully leaned into that feeling. How precious is that? And my goodness, did it make for some incredible images.

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