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A Photoshoot Experience that Feels Effortless: My Best Tips

You want those relaxed, candid images without having to "fake laugh" or feel awkward at your session - I'm here to help make it happen!

You want this season and the way that it feels to be documented in an emotional, authentic way; but dragging your partner, or even yourself, in front of the camera feels like a chore? We're gonna fix that.

#1. When Choosing a Photographer, Make Sure You Can Envision Yourself In Their Images

Make sure you're looking for and choosing a photographer that reflects the editing style you love, has that candid approach to shooting, and whose images reflect subjects who look the way that you want to feel! If you are inquiring with a photographer who specializes in posed, formal portraits, but you are wanting more "fly on the wall" candid feeling imagery (or vice versa) you may not be in the right spot. Look through their portfolio - can you envision yourself in their images? Do you want that style of photographs? Start there.

#2: Collaborate with Your Photographer on Location, Style, and Vibe

If you have a vision in your head of what you're wanting, loop us in! Or, if you aren't sure *what* you want but you know what you're drawn to: let us know that, too! Making sure that you are excited about where you're going to be and what the aesthetic is going to feel like is also key in ensuring that you have a good time while you're there, which leads to those carefree, joyful images that is the end goal.

#3: It's Not a Chore or a Checkmark - It's a Night Out and Something Fun to Do Together

If you are preparing for your session by treating it like something you "have" to do and get over with - I hate to tell you but you are setting yourself (and your photographer) up for potential failure. Instead, treat it like what it truly is: quality time with your partner that you can use to connect and have a good time on your "unconventional date night"! Lean into the moments and have fun together. If you feel awkward, laugh about it together; if it's making you feel closer to your partner, snuggle in and embrace it; etc.

#4: Drop Your Guard - and Your Expectations

Especially if it's your first time in front of the camera, there might be some nervous jitters. That's perfectly normal, and totally valid! As a photographer I'll be the first to say that being in front of the camera is not always my favorite, either. I forget what to do with my hands, become hyper-aware of my posture, and don't even get me started on if I made the right outfit choice or not.

But here's the thing: the right photographer will help you forget that there's a camera there at all.

It's not about how your face looks when you laugh or if you have your hands in the right place or even if you're following the prompt the "right" way. The ONLY thing that matters is that you are leaning into the connection between the two of you and letting authentic reactions, emotions, and feelings lead the way. From there, I can do my job as the photographer to pay attention to how that dynamic plays out, and document your relationship in it's most genuine form. Not only does this release the pressure on both of you to look or act a certain way, but it allows me to direct you in ways that I see fit, giving way to imagery that is authentically you, without ever feeling the pressure that you need to be doing something that ever feels unnatural to who you are.

At the end of the day, here's a summary of my biggest advice for ensuring you have a relaxed experience and get the most out of your candid images:

Choose a photographer whose style you LOVE and who you personally feel a connection with. From there - trust them. Your only job is to show up, connect with your partner, have fun and soak in the meaningful moments. If you do those things, I can almost guarantee you that you will 1) enjoy your session so much more and 2) have a gallery full of genuine, meaningful moments that sum up your relationship in the most beautifully authentic way.

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