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In-Home Documentary Sessions

These sessions have a minimum timeframe of 1.5 hours and can last up to 3 hours (everyones needs are different and I approach each session uniquely)

I can arrive while you are still in the “getting ready” process - similar to what you might envision on a wedding day. Documenting you fixing your toddler’s hair, your partner helping you get ready, etc. or come later and be there to document what your “winding” down routine might look like - there are not limits or rules when it comes to what you want to be documented.

Typically these sessions focus on you doing life as you would on a typical day, and then I move into a more “planned” event based on your personal preferences or sentiments. This can include cooking or baking together, playing specific games, going for a family walk around the neighborhood, painting together, etc.

While the main focus here is your home and the way that you do life together within these walls - the invitation is also there with our timeframe for us to venture out to another meaningful location. It can be a favorite park, a meaningful beach, your favorite coffee spot - anywhere.


The distinction here, again, is that these photos are meant to document what your life feels like in this season at this place, so it would still follow my documentary framework wherever we went.


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