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Pensacola In-Home Maternity Session - Hansen Family

Pensacola weather can be - in a word - unpredictable.

Throw in multiple kids, climbing temps, and a military schedule, it can make planning a bit difficult.

For the Hansen family, it happened to be a bit *too* stormy on their scheduled session date, and with no other availability in sight, I was determined to make sure this mama had her third pregnancy documented, just like she had her first two.

Lauren and Tom completely trusted my idea and vision for this season of life to be documented in a weather-proof location: their home.

This in-home maternity session was one of the most incredibly personal, and intimate sessions I've had. With their girls in their element we were able to listen to favorite songs, have kitchen dance parties, story time, include their pups, and document exactly what life looks like for them on a daily basis (with just maybe some nicer clothes than they'd typically wear all day at home, lol!)

Something amazing happens when you let go of expectations and allow the magic to happen on it's own, capturing and documenting those precious moments as they naturally unfold.

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