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Pensacola Forest Family Session - Ward Family

Another returning family in front of my camera lens, and it makes my heart so happy. This Pensacola family session spent at Coldwater Gardens walking along the creek, in their gardens, and in their greenhouse between afternoon thunderstorms was an absolute dream.

I first met Michael and Megan when they were expecting this absolutely precious baby girl. I didn't know the depth then, but I could feel their excitement and over-the-top joy for this sweet baby from the second they stepped out of their vehicle last Fall.

Fast forward to getting to meet this precious girl. One of my favorite things about documenting families after they've welcomed a new addition is that feeling of completion. Like this sweet, tiny little person in their arms that they have been waiting and longing for has finally arrived to make these two people into a family. Michael and Megan's world revolves around each other, their precious girl, and the family they have built together and it is without a doubt one of the most awe-inspiring parts of my job to get to be the one to witness these intimate moments and document this season of life for them to hold forever.

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