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Fort Pickens Engagement Session - Weston & Caitlyn

Caitlyn and Weston's Florida beach engagement session started at the historic architecture of Fort Pickens. We started an hour before sunset to catch the dreamy glow of the sun as it started to set over the beautiful brick arches of Fort Pickens before making our way across the street to what felt like our own private beach.

Over on the beach we hung out until blue hour (a little bit after sunset) where we soaked in the sunset and fully reveled in this season of life for these two. I connected with Caitlyn so strongly off the bat because she reminded me so much of what it was like for myself and my husband during this season. Just like me and my husband, Caitlyn and Weston got engaged as Weston was preparing to enter into the stressful world of flight school here in Pensacola.

This is such an exciting time for both of them as it's filled with so much security in your person but also so many exciting unknowns of what will come next. What will he fly, where will they live, what fun it will be to watch your person begin their dream career while you live your best life along Florida's Emerald Coast, lol!

You'll be seeing these two again, as we had a super fun part two to their engagement shoot, and then their wedding in May of 2023!

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